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  • Wheel Stop 550mm
  • Wheel Stop 550mm

Wheel Stop 550mm

Nous fournissons une butée de roue de 550 mm de longueur, une butée de stationnement.

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What size for 550mm the wheel stopper :

①Length: 550 mm

②Width: 150 mm

③Height: 100 mm

We use premium materials to construct our 550 mm wheel stop so they can survive the collisions of even the biggest vehicles. They also come with all the required installation hardware and are simple to install.

In fact, using these wheel stops is the best approach to maintain neatly parked cars in the garage. They will aid in managing the parking space in the garage and in preventing any damage to the walls or other cars.

Do you specialize in long-term parking solutions, motorcycle parking, electric vehicle charging stations, street parking, handicap parking, valet parking, or parking for people with disabilities? If so, you might be a good fit for our garage parking stops at factory direct prices.

Please feel free to browse our whole selection of parking curbs to see the many other models we manufacture. For additional information about what we provide, see below:

550mm, 900 mm, 1220 mm , 1830mm

Do you have any experience with parking meters, reserved spaces, open spaces, disability parking, pedestrian safety, or overnight parking? If so, you could discover that our automobile wheel stop for the garage is a useful item for your requirements.

Would different wheel stop measurements matter to you? If so, we produce them in a variety of alternative lengths to fit various parking lots!


Wheel stop also known as a parking stop or parking curb, is a short barrier placed at the end of a parking space to prevent a car or truck from rolling too far forward and pedestrian walkway.

They are commonly used in parking lots,garages and other areas where vehicles are parked .

Perfect visibility in a bright yellow and white color for maximum visibility.

We can also put your company logo or any text on the surface of the product without any mini quantity.

With the included screw fasteners, concrete or asphalt can be quickly installed.

What material do the wheel stops in our garage have?

Our vehicle park bump stops are made of the following materials: 100% recyclable Rubber, we buy the recycle Tyre from local market. Most of the guy know the Tyre from shandong province is famous in the world. So we can buy the raw material in the low price which is helpful to control our cost.

White, yellow and blue reflective stripes

If vehicle parking, motorcycle parking, traffic signs, pavement markings, off-street parking, or parking services are something you are familiar with, then our 550 mm wheel stop is a great complement to your product line.

We would be pleased to give you a sample if you wanted to see and feel the quality of our wheel stop. Simply get in touch with us, and we'll send you one for free.

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