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  • Speed Cushion Red

Speed Cushion Red

Speed cushion, speed table, coussin berlinois , European Speed cushion is our hot products in our factory.

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Speed cushion European type

6 parts are speed cushions dimension :

· Length: 3000 mm

· Width: 1800 mm

· Height: 65 mm


4 parts are speed cushions dimension:

· Length: 2000 mm

· Width: 1800 mm

· Height: 65 mm

The speed cushion is a type of traffic calming device that is used to reduce vehicle speeds on the roads, especially in residential areas and near the school.

It consists of a series of small raised bump or cushion that are placed across the road,typically at intervals of several meters.

The main purpose of installing a speed cushion, commonly referred to as a speed table is to slow down vehicles on public highways.

In order to gently encourage vehicles to drive at a modest pace in order to promote traffic safety on public roads, the speed table shape is slightly raised from the center.

They are efficient traffic control devices because they have an elevated part that slows down fast moving cars. Their goal is to restrict traffic volume, speed, and direction, just like other instruments like traffic barriers, wheel stops, road markings, traffic signs, and road or street signage.

Speed tables,coussin berlinois, and road cushions are just a few of the various names speed cushions go by on the market.

The market offers speed pillows in a variety of sizes. Choose the option that best satisfies your requirements for traffic management

The advantage of our speed cushion

  • Unlike a speed bump or speed hump, our speed cushions don't prevent rainfall. They didn't obstruct the water's path to drainage canals. To improve the effectiveness of your traffic safety initiatives, combine our traffic cushions with other traffic control devices like stop signs, traffic signals, pavement markings, speed signs, traffic cones, rumble strips, or bollards.
  • Reduce noise from traffic: As was already indicated, rubber is a softer and more flexible material than concrete, asphalt, and plastic. Therefore, when cars drive over concrete road bumps or plastic speed humps, there is typically a lot of traffic noise. Our rubber speed cushions help to lessen this
  • Prevent excessive speeding: The raised surface of our speed cushions helps. To ensure a pleasant driving experience everytime a vehicle passes over them, the driver must lower the vehicle's speed from 15 to 20 miles per hour (mph). It lessens traffic congestion, slows down idling cars, and prevents car accidents
  • Maintain emergency response times: The department of transportation avoids installing speed humps, speed breakers, and speed bumps on ambulance routes because they prolong the time it takes for emergency vehicles to get on the scene.
  • Boost traffic safety: One of the main factors contributing to traffic accidents is excessive speed. With the use of our speed traffic-management technologies, you may lower traffic speeds as well as the amount of collisions and fatalities that result from them near work zones, roundabouts, motor vehicle intersections, cut-throughs, two-way streets, school zones, or slow zones

We use wooden case to pack the speed cushion or coussin berlinois !

One set per wooden case

Two sets per wooden case

Four sets or Six sets which depends on client demand.

All the screws ,plug,cap and T-connect are put together into the woodencase.

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